Oregon Caves Chateau

The Oregon Caves Chateau is a real Treat you will not want to miss if you plan a trip anywhere in the region. Uniquely built to span a granite gorge in the beautiful wooded Siskiyou Mountains next to the entrance to the Oregon Caves, in the Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon.

Opened in 1934, the Oregon Caves Chateau is a six-story chalet styled building with a shaggy cedar bark exterior that seems truly natural in its beautiful timbered mountain setting. When you first arrive at the Chateau at Oregon Caves its true size is deceptively hidden from view. Not only does this unique building span the gorge, it virtually fills the space with many of its lower levels.

The Oregon Caves Chateau was constructed with local timber and stone materials by skilled local craftsmen whose pride in their work is self evident. Huge exposed posts and beams support an impressive wooden superstructure that is topped by a steep pitched gabled roof of cedar wood shingles.

The craftsmanship of this charming national park lodge is obvious every where you look. The workmanship of its rich wood interior and unique stairways crafted from large logs and posts is impressive. Rustic works of wrought-iron and lamps of brass add charm to the interior.

The majestic double fireplace was built from marble blasted from the site during the initial construction.

Take special “Note” of the extensive collection of original arts and crafts furniture you will find throughout the Oregon Caves Chateau. Once prized by such notables as Walt Disney, Gene Autry, and Will Rogers.

This fine collection of hand crafted Monterey Furniture (one of the largest privately owned collections to be found) from an era long past is available for guests enjoyment in the lobby and throughout many of the guest rooms.

The dining room is an experience all its own. Enjoy the views while dining on a fine selection of northwestern cuisine from seafood, steaks, soups and salads, to a vegetarian selection. Almost everything served is fresh and locally grown.

One key feature of the Oregon Caves Chateau to take special note of is the live mountain stream that flows through the dining room providing an unforgettable ambiance. You can enjoy a selection of micro-brews, wines, and local cheeses while you dine.

An old fashioned 1930’s era cafe is also available for guests who just want to get a quick hearty meal. You can also stop by the deli for sandwiches, salads and snacks.

Though small by great national park lodge standards the Oregon Caves Chateau is truly a great park lodge to visit, with an abundance of unique features and charms you won’t want to miss.

The Oregon Caves Chateau offers guests a variety of room selections, from Economy: through spacious Suites:

Economy Rooms: are charming smaller room with one queen size bed, rustic furnishings and a private bathroom.

Standard Rooms: either have two-double beds or one-queen size bed, rustic furnishings and a private bathroom. Rooms are a little more spacious and comfortable.

Deluxe Rooms: either have two-double beds or one-queen size bed with historic Monterey furniture and a private bathroom. Rooms are nice comfortable and cozy.

Family Suite: have two adjoining rooms with one bathroom. These rooms are designed with the family in mind. Each has historic Monterey furniture that are real nice rooms you will enjoy.

Queen Suite: have two adjoining rooms with one bathroom. Designed with one couple in mind. Each has historic Monterey furniture and are a great place to spend a second honeymoon.

The Oregon Caves Chateau is open seasonally from mid-May through mid-October.

“Reservations” should be made early for best room selection, up to a year is best…for reservations call Oregon Caves Outfitters #877-245-9022

Sandra Stacey is not a travel agent, but is a simple traveler who has enjoyed repeat visits to many of this Nations Great National Park Lodges over the years, and trekked untold miles exploring the Beautiful Backcountry of the Parks they are located within.

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