Oregon Ducks Shirts – Oregon Pride Via Clothing

Oregon Ducks t-shirts are a great way to express team spirit and school loyalty. Stylish and comfortable, these t-shirts are an excellent purchase for current students, alumni, or the friends, family, and fans of the Oregon Ducks. In a variety of styles, mixes of team colors, sleeve lengths, and cuts, team t-shirts can be worn year round. With over a dozen different-shirt styles, these t-shirts can be worn for any casual situation, whether it be running errands or playing football.

Oregon shirts come in men’s and women’s long and short sleeved options. Both men and women have the choice of standard t-shirts, retro t-shirts, raglan shirts, and long sleeved t-shirts. The men’s shirt is also available in a sportier, dri fit t-shirt. The women’s shirts are fitted to a more feminine shape and tend to be a lighter weight fabric. Nike manufactures all of the shirts. They are made from 100% Cotton, with one exception, and are great for warm or cold weather. The dri fit t-shirt is made with a cotton and polyester blend, excellent wear to stay cool during athletic activities.

The Oregon t-shirts come in varying mixes of the white, green, and yellow team colors, making them stand out in a crowd, or blend in for team spirit. The raglan shirts and one of the waffle graphic crew shirts are available in white with green sleeves and Oregon Duck logos, or alternately green with white sleeves and a yellow logo or white with a gray sleeve and logo. Some of the shirts say University of Oregon, others simply have the “O” and the Nike swoosh. Seasonal shirts for football are available. The

Ducks t-shirts are available in green, white, or black, with yellow, gray or green logos. The shorter sleeve length has more style and design options. The long sleeved shirt has fewer options for style, but is great for those days when it is just a little too cold for short sleeves, but not quite cold enough out to add a hooded sweatshirt to your wardrobe.

In addition to supporting Oregon State University and the teams and organizations, the fashionable, fun, Oregon Ducks t-shirts are affordable, so no student loans needed to afford a few to spice up any one’s wardrobe. These shirts are definitely going to be able to hold up to classes, errands, kids, and sports activities, while making the wearer look good.